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LEARN TO TALK SERIES: Embracing Differences: Mending the Isms and Schisms

EXHIBITION DATES: October 4-31, 2015

LOCATION: Nave Gallery, 155 Powder House Blvd, Somerville, MA

Claire Roll, Craig Milanesi

Is inequality the defining issue of our time? How does injustice show its face in our community? What impossible heights can we achieve as a society by embracing difference as strength? Racism, sexism and economic inequality are still systemic and deeply personal in America today, both influencing and influenced by global inequities. What does it take to mend the things that divide us? How do we let in the light?

The Nave Gallery seeks submissions that express an appreciation of the complexities of our differences, expose societies isms / schisms and reflects the dreams for peace with justice in this world. We will consider works in the following media: painting, sculpture, photography, digital, mixed media, installation and performance.